Arulmigu Aranganatha Swamy Temple - History

Sthala History

    Situated in the highway, 29 Km from the Manchester of Tamilnadu, Coimbatore and 7 Km from Mettupalayam is this monument of holiness. Spread across the lush green pastures of Karamadai is this temple which is the only Vainav temple in the entire Kongu region.

Sthala Puraanam

    Long ago, a cow which was let to graze among these Karai forest, was inspired by the presence of His Holiness Lord Aranganadhar on one of the bushes. From then it started milking of its own on that bush. The shepherd who found the cow returning with empty teats everyday became furious and was about to destroy the bush with his sickle. When suddenly, His Greatness Lord Aranganadhar blessed the vision of the shepherd by appearing before him and inspired him with his presence. When this news reached the members of the Pattar community, they realized the presence of the Lord Himself in that place and built a temple there glorifying His name. The Car Festival of the temple was inaugurated by the King of Madurai, King Thirumalai Nayakkar and is conducted every year till date.

Main Deities

    The main deity of the temple incarnated three forms - as his Holiness Lord Venkatesa Achudhan, as His Holiness Lord Aranganadhar and as His Holiness Lord Venkatesa Perumal. Her Holiness Sri Ranganayagi Thayaar of this temple is also known as Pettathu Amman. The temple is blessed also with the presence of Her Holiness Mother Kodha Nachiyar within its premises.

Holy Water (Karuda Theertham)

    The temple has streams of Holy water blessed by the merciful hands of providence. Behind the main deity is the presence of Brahma Theertham (Holy Water) blessed by Lord Brahma. The Holy Pond in the temple has theertham blessed by the miraculous hands of Lord Karuda. Along the route of the Temple’s car procession are eight deities having eight streams of Holy water besides them, called the Ashta Theertham. For years together these Theertham have been satiating the spiritual search of the humble devotees of the temple.

Temple Committee

    After 1939 the temple was maintained by the members of the Trust for Chamber of Tamilnadu Hindu Society.  The representatives for managing the temple activities are selected by these members through mutual consent.

Significances of the Temple

  • Worship

        The temple is considered as one of the most significant place of worship with special Pandha (Fire), Thanneer (Holy Water) and Kavaala poojas done by holy devotees routinely all round the year. This unique worship can be beheld conveniently only in this region.
  • Blessed Vision

        During the era of Sadhur, Holy Saints like Vasavan, Varunan, Guberan, Karudalvar were blessed with the vision of beholding the holy form of His Holiness Lord Perumal.
  • Streams of Joy

        Brimming with life, situated 7 Km from the temple is the Holy waters of River Bhavani which is a branch of the River of Life, Cauvery.